Wizard at the Whiteboard Level 1


Are you tired of your ideas not being heard or understood in meetings? Do you wish you could grab people's attention in the online environment?

Research shows that over 2/3 of your online participants are multi-tasking which ranges from watching cat videos to cleaning their house.  

Did you know that the  person with pen in hand drawing at the whiteboard is considered the smartest person in the meeting, why not you?

A picture’s worth a thousand words, isn’t it time to debunk your “I can’t draw” myth?  

With the Wizard at the Whiteboard 101 class, you’ll learn step by step how to bring an idea to life and leverage simple tricks that will turn you into a visual thinker and the Wizard at the Whiteboard and you don’t even need to know how to draw.

In just four weeks, gain or enhance the practical skills you have and need to step to the whiteboard anywhere, anytime and draw a picture to illustrate your point with confidence. 

When you draw a picture, you change the chemistry your viewer’s brains and win them over to your ideas. It’s that simple!

You’ll learn:

  • Easy set up to ensure you start off confident!
  • Step by step drawing tricks and decrease your fear
  • Memorize repeatable images to ensure you know what to draw every time
  • Download cool icon and templates guaranteed to make your meeting the most memorable one in the month        


Become the human highlighter, capturing and bring any meeting to life!

What's in the Wizard at the Whiteboard Curriculum:

WOTW Week 1:   Set Up Is Half the Battle

In this class, we’ll cover the tips to set you up for wizarding success. Your learn to leverage visual thinking supplies and create bold, unique lettering. Practicing drawing icons and images will ensure you enter the room poised to step to the board and grab people’s attention right from the start.  

WOTW Week 2:   Building Your Visual Vocabulary

Visual language is an innate part of your brains’ natural processing. This week you’ll learn to draw objects, and different kinds of people to build your wizarding acumen with your internal visual vocabulary, so you can quickly turn ideas into images.  When you are done, you’ll unlock access to FREE icons and image templates to practice with and improve your skills.    

WOTW Week 3:  Capture the Room in More Ways Than One

How you capture, diagram and highlight your images separates good ideas from debris.  In this week you’ll learn to draw a concept into big picture so that your whiteboard leaves a powerful memory in your participants' mind and validates the saying that a picture’s worth a thousand words.                      

WOTW Week 4:  Taking the Mantle of the Wizard

Make your meetings impactful by learning to design and use simple process templates to help you support team building, planning and visioning for any event. You’ll see how to modify and build your own “roadmap” so that you can lead any group to success.  After completion, you’ll gain access to more FREE downloadable templates.


When you complete this coursework, downloading and practicing with the templates, and join our WATW FB group, you will gain additional tips and tutorials including 1 FREE online 30-minute tune up session!



In her first consulting job, Patti's boss sent her into a room full of angry, sad and frustrated employees to help the survivors of a major layoff “get back to work.”  After a spit wad hit her forehead, she grabbed a pen, went to the front of the room and with no drawing skills whatsoever, drew a picture that captured their attention and respect.

20 years later, Patti has drawn pictures for CEOs in Fortune 100 companies to grade school classrooms in Harlem.  Her Wizard at the Whiteboard techniques have helped teams learn to draw ideas at Nike, Starbucks, Microsoft, Samsung, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A self-taught artist, strategic illustrator and keynote (3xTEDx) speaker, her book Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal-Setting Will Change Your Life is a primer for graphic recorders worldwide.