Slayer Mini-Series

Starts in January!

Mini Series Course #1: 
Slayers Can Be Choosers

In this first 45 minute session you will learn how to:

  • Own the mantle of meeting leader
  • Build your confidence to claim the room
  • Keep  people engaged and focused
  • Handle the disruptors that talk too much or the Negative Nates
  • Quickly capture and synthesize information
  • Create an interactive, fun environment while getting real work done
  • Drive  accountability  for the deliverables

When you have a meeting roadmap you will hold their attention, help them focus on what matters,  increase their participation, improve their brainpower! And you'll be able to track the deliverables for accountability.

Mini Series Course #2 

Choose Your Wand!

In this session you'll learn how to:

  • Set the room to ensure engagement and fun! 
  • Add simple drawings to illustrate a point
  • Show participants how they can play and STILL get great results
  • Understand the brain science between visuals and engagement
  • Learn to leverage everything to build your confidence

Learn simple ways to set up the session, capture information in easy visual ways, have everyone drawing and having fun while getting real work done.

Mini Series Course #3
The Time to Dominate is NOW!!!

In this 3rd of our 45 minute sessions you'll learn ways to:

  • Overcome your imposter syndrome
  • Maintain motivation
  • Manage the room on your own
  • New roadmapping techniques and how to modify them for your needs

At the end of our 3 sessions together you will understand exactly what you need to do to SLAY Those Meetings Like a Pro.

Here's what participants have said about my online  workshops:

"I run dozens of sessions every month. Working with Patti was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had learning how to be better at my skills."

- Angela Prestil, Credit Union Consultant

"I was able to apply my learnings right away to my work world. Now I am about to launch my own business outside of my day job." 

- Stephanie Sundborg, TIO Consultant

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