COVID-19 SPECIAL! $997 Individual Mapping Session

In a powerful one-on-one Draw Your Future session, Patti literally draws a snapshot of the big picture of your world. In this two hour coaching video call, she’ll capture where you are right now, where you want to be a year from today and help you identify the three boldest steps you can take to get there. 

Then together, you will build an accelerated action plan to activate that picture. 

She’ll capture your session into a beautiful illustration, which you will receive on your doorstep within a week. And that picture will inspire you like never before. It will train your brain to focus on the future you, so you can take action right now to grab those goals with both hands.


Here’s what people say about an individual mapping session with Patti…

 ”Patti mapped my new reality last March which jump-started my new business and the book I published this fall. I took the 5D Challenge to refocus and Patti’s easy steps and inspirational videos have “upped my creative genius” yet again. Thanks for shining so brightly and helping us do the same, Patti!

- Maureen O’Shaunessy

"Patti is amazing! She will get your going on your goals and dreams! Don’t miss out. I’ve been a fan ever since I watched her Ted Talk and did the exercises she taught. I use the tools I developed with her regularly and with much success. I’m excited for this new year!"

- Cheryl Sennett

Individual Mapping Session with Patti

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