How to Flip Your Fear and Crush the Virtual Stage

September 5, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Central time

How to Flip Your Fear and Crush the Virtual Stage 

Was your business built around in person, face to face, or hands-on experience?  In today’s COVID laden world, 17 billion have pivoted to the virtual world, so how do you capture the attention of your audience and make YOU stand out? 

Are your palms sweaty just thinking about it?  You are not alone.   

Change is upon us but now is the time to dial in those online skills and build your confidence to CRUSH it on the Virtual Stage and subsequently win hearts, minds, and pocketbooks of your viewers. Do I have your attention now? 

In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn 7 simple tips to help streamline everything from “Where’s the camera?” to “Heeeeeyyyyy people, let’s do this!!!” with an authentic, spot-on, eye riveting delivery.  

Set yourself up so that when the F2F live-and-in-person stage lights flick back on, you’ll step to the front of any room knowing you got this!  You'll have 7 keys that will transform your deer in the highlights fear into pure, transparent, amazing Super Hero you

Join me September 5th at 11AM Central Standard Time to grab these 7 tips and unlock the stage door to your own virtual CRUSH it key. Here some of the crush it candy you’ll grab: 

  • Make your bold vision their singular focus
  • Master and magnetize with visual, gotcha tools and mini awards 
  • Craft the compelling story to bring them back for more
  • Move your virtual audience by adjusting to their channel
  • Crush that ending so they long to join your tribe
  • and 2 more surprises!!!


BONUSES for the How to Flip Your Fear and Crush the Virtual Stage

You’ll be entered to win a FREE golden ticket to Patti’s Crush It Centerstage four week speaker series.  While registration isn’t open yet, you’ll win a virtual front-row seat, including a 60 minute individual Creative Genius You Speaker session with Patti (class and coaching bundle worth $1997)

You’ll get a powerful pdf of the 7 Keys to post by your screen so you capitalize on those tips!

You’ll all gain access to an exclusive FB group where you be able to meet and network with amazing entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world.

Wondering what kind of a speaker Patti is? 

Check out her viewers favorite TEDx talks:  Draw Your Future

Here’s what others have to say about her talks and classes:

I watched Patti’s TED talk just over a year ago. I was in a job that was so stressful that it was affecting my physical and mental health. I drew my FUTURE - my desired state. I was HAPPY surrounded by lots of SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE at work. Fast forward to today. Guess what? I AM loving my work life (if you could even call it work!). I quit my job last November, let my creative juices flow and started my own business - thank you, Patti, for your inspiration!!! - Charlotte Kirby

I watched this and at the time I was unemployed and hopeless. I drew my dreams. Now (2 years later) I run 2 successful businesses and I have over 10 employees. Thank you @Patti Dobrowolski for this video.   -  DJ Kayzie


Here’s Amy Honeycutt giving a shout out to one of Patti’s 5 Day Challenges: