Blast Off the Main Stage with Your Big Idea!

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Is your secret dream to step onto that and rock the room with your big, bold and breakthrough idea? 

Do you long to deliver your story and message to the world, but aren't sure where to start?

Do you have an idea worth sharing, but wonder if it is good enough? 

Have you been applying to speak at conferences but always get the denial email months after you apply?

You are not alone.  Each conference (including the big ones) receives thousands of applications every year! Making yourself stand out is all about preparation and solidifying your uniqueness!  You can do it when you have a vision, a plan AND perseverance. 

In this 6-week course, you will gain the confidence to handle everything from finding that big idea to claiming a spot at MainStage event where you confidently deliver your show stopper. When you are able to own that red (or any color) circle of carpet, the audience applause will blast you off any stage.

Join me for 6 consecutive Tuesday sessions to learn to:

  • Create a clear and bold vision to lock in your idea worth sharing
  • Craft compelling material that weaves your stories and brings your idea to life 
  • Rehearse with a coach to engage your virtual audience and sustain their full attention
  • Identify the upcoming events that are right for you and apply – now!
  • Ensure your PR meets any brand police’s checklist and your “Go Viral” team is in place
  • Claim the mainstage and nail it!

This course is limited! Your commitment will make or break your ability to be successful. 

Week 1: 

Create an Irresistible Vision

Whether you are standing on that stage delivering your talk or speaking to your local city group, the format is the same - grab your audience’s attention and sustain it! Using a simple repeatable process, you’ll brainstorm ideas until yours rings true and you are ready to write! 

 Week 2:

Craft Your Compelling Content

Working with powerful stories to engage your participants, you'll see how the pictures from your experiences imprint your listeners, leaving a lasting, learning impression

This week you will gain acumen in sequencing your content to create a step by step roadmap to success.

Week 3:

Magnetize Your Audience Each Moment

What most presenters forget is that our attention span is that of a fly: 7 seconds long! To keep a viewer’s interest, you have to know your material inside and out! Rehearsal is essential!

Week 4: 

Writing and Submitting an Enticing Application

TEDx speakers land that invitation by finding the TEDx event with a theme that compels them, then crafting and submitting a compelling application. This week focuses on doing just that!

Week 5:

Build Your Brand to Help People Find You Easily

What simplifies the judging process is when your website and your brand presence are aligned, simple and beautiful filled with great headshots and video samples of you at your best. Then, make sure you are ready to promote it once it launches!

Week 6:

Finish Strong and Leave Them Longing for More

One of the most essential speaker and presenter skills is ensuring that your finish – those final moments wrap up your presentation and invite the viewers to take that next step with you. It’s a compelling ask or a challenge, it might be a final quote or finishing image. But this moment matters, and the one that follows makes the difference between building a tribe versus missing an opportunity.  

This is the time to get your voice heard! Your idea deserves it and so do you.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO WATCH YOUR TALK ON THE REMO PLATFORM!  This experience will seal your talk, give you a video to use to show to potential stages and help you build your confidence!!!


BONUSES for Your Big Idea: Time to Claim the Main Stage


20-minute pre-coaching session to assess how this fits into your practice and assess your readiness ($497.00 value) 

Personal coaching from an outside speaking expert!

Private slack channel group for additional support from your peers and coaches

Performance Stage in the REMO platform!

Mission Accomplished Bonus – free 45-minute post class individual coaching call to deliver your talk and get individualized attention and Patti's feedback. ($1997 value)

Blast Off Your TEDx Talk

You've Been Waiting for This, Now Claim Your Red Carpet