6 Pack Power Coaching

Twice a month sessions start Monday January 4th at 11:00AM or 7:30PM CST

Are you wondering if you have the tools and skill to take your business to the finish line and nail it in 2021? 

Do you worry that you won’t be motivated to push through the overwhelm of starting or pivoting your business?

If you have been struggling to shift your career, ramp up your business while hoop jumping to learn what you need to, you are not alone.

55% of the people who buy a program never finish working through the materials. Sound familiar?  You can get stuck in overwhelm, then stall out. 9 out of 10 of people never claim the life they've been longing for.

I want you to become that 1 in 10!

The 6 Pack Power Coaching package is built to support you through the next six critical months. Matched with peers at your level, you'll hone your content, build your confidence, and ask all the hard questions. All in a supportive, motivated group setting.

These twice monthly 75 minute power packed sessions will help you:

  • Hone and own your online experience - work out the details of each section of your offering
  • Capture your clients in the very first call and understand the sales cycle from start to finish
  • Finesse your marketing from give aways to surveys to ad content and placement, so you can determine where to invest your money
  • Build your confidence with small wins and better discipline hacks
  • Expand your mailing list to gain a following that keeps asking for more
  • Stay resilient so you can manage all of the changes that you will face!

And as a bonus, you’ll get one individual 30 - minute session with just Patti to get laser coaching 1-1.

Course pricing during COVID-19 is $1197.* That’s $903.00 savings from Patti’s $350/session coaching fee. 

Now is the time to turn your vision into reality!  You have come this far, let me get you to the finish line!

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Your Coaching Tribe Awaits You!

Now is the time to Up Your Creative Genius, get your business to blast off!

$1197 BUY